Lamb shank pot roasted with chef’s special sauce with various herbs & spices

Chicken or lamb cooked with aromatic herbs and spices and green beans

Diced chicken or lamb in a thick medium, slightly tangy sauce with pickle

Chicken tikka cooked with almond, coconut and a selection of mixed fruit to create an intriguing sweet, mild dish.

A unique dish cooked with peppers, onions, tomatoes, fresh coriander and a slice of orange

Breast of chicken filled with minced lamb then cooked in a bhuna style sauce

King prawns cooked in a deliciously hot and spicy naga chilli sauce

Spring chicken marinated with spices then grilled in the tandoor with onions, green pepper and tomatoes and served in a spicy sauce

Tandoori chicken cooked in butter and cream with garlic, cinnamon, ginger and kurma sauce (very mild).

Chicken cooked in a rich mild sauce garnished with fresh mango fruit

Similar to korma, but drier sauce with a generous helping of almonds

Marinated chicken in a special Bengali style creamy sauce. Garnished with almonds and coconut

Spiced chicken or lamb tikka, cooked in aromatic spices with yoghurt, fresh chillies, green peppers and chopped onions, with a slightly hot sauce.

Chicken or lamb tikka cooked with chunky onions, peppers, tomatoes and green chillies

Tandoori chicken, lamb, king prawn in a thick sauce (medium)

Chicken, lamb, prawns, king prawn with chopped onions, capsicum, mushroom & chillies blended with chef's special massala

Tandoori chicken, delicately spiced and cooked with mince lamb and green peas (medium).

Deliciously very hot and spicy dish cooked with Bangladeshi hot chilli, Naga and garnished with tomatoes, lemon, chillies

Tandoori Lamb Chop cooked in a thick spicy sauce with potatoes

Tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, prawn & king prawn cooked in a spicy sauce with extra garlic and green chillies

Tandoori chicken or lamb marinated & cooked with spicy potato, garlic, onions and coriander

Chicken tikka, lamb & prawn, cooked in a thick spicy sauce with green chillies and extra garlic

Tandoori king prawn cooked in a thick sauce (medium)

Chicken tikka, lamb & prawn, cooked in a thick spicy sauce with green chillies and extra garlic

Cooked in a butter and creamy sauce (very mild).

Deliciously cooked whole breast chicken off the bone, delicately cooked with onion, tomatoes, peppers with a blend of medium strength aromatic spices and herbs.

Cooked in a butter and creamy sauce (very mild).

A stunning, hot yet richly flavoured dish cooked with almonds, coconut and Bangladeshi spices and a healthy serving of fresh green chillies. A very unique taste